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About us

Site Update Service

SiteUpdateService was a subsidiary of an American-owned outsourcing company based in the Philippines. The site was created to handle short-term projects that didn't have the bindings of a long-term contract. At that time, SiteUpdateService was the only service that was pre-paid.

Clients had the option to hire our services for 3 to 20 hours for minor changes and tweaks to the site appearance, content or the errors that happen. Another option clients had was to create a new website that is SEO-ready. Website developers and contentupdates usually charge more and ask for even more when there are changes to be done.

With our payment plan, their website will be built, launched and maintained at a low cost. Clients are not pressured to cough-up a huge amount to get their website fixed with this company.



Our services

We provide minor website updates and fixings that make your website more profitable.

Website Update and Maintenance

We provide minor website updates and fixings that make your website more profitable.


General Webmaster Works

SEO-ready website building and consultation service

Landing page

Designing landing pages for your brand


Logo Design

We help your discover and create your brand



Site Update Service is a perfect partner in building and maintaining success in your business.

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