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Link Building: 5 Steps to Get Your Back Links Indexed Easily

Building links is one of the most important things to consider when it comes generating traffic for websites. This is the reason why there are people (many) and website owners who try every technique they know Рregardless of the nature of the strategy Рonly to wake up one morning seeing their sites are removed  from search engines like Google. In other words, some do the unethical ways of link building.

No, I am not writing about new strategy for link building. This has been with us for quite a long time but only few people who are really considering its value – I am talking about strategy for weaving links that get your websites easily indexed by search engines using ethical method.

I am sharing a quick and easy steps for link building that give your links better chances for easy index to major search engine like Google .

Step 1: Create Profile

Create profiles using some Web 2.0 properties. You can make use of free tools that allow you to build webpages where you can drop links back to the main site you are working to promote. You might interested of using Blogger, WordPress, Hubpages, Squidoo, etc. These are very effective in helping your webiste become more visible on the Internet.

Step 2: Work on RSS feeds

Create an RSS feed account for each on every profile you made. You can make use of feedburner. Web 2.0 properties have built-in RSS feed feature already. RSS feed main components include a list of items that are essentially chunks of information intended for the readers. Each item in the list has its own title and summary along with a link to details of the summarized information.

Step 3: Submit RSS feed

After you have worked on your RSS feeds, submit them to as many RSS aggregators as you can. Aggregators are websites that gather RSS feeds and then republish them. These sites are easily crawled by spider and indexed by search engines  and therefore more chances for online presence for the site you are trying to promote.

Step 4: Bookmark RSS feeds

Bookmark your RSS feeds using social media. These social media sites are easily crawled and indexed by search engines. Some examples of powerful social bookmarking sites are propeller, mr. wong, digg.This step consumes most of the link building process but it is worth the effort. You can make use of social marker, by the way, to semi-automate the process of bookmarking.

Step 5: Pinging

Ping your website. Using tools like ping-omatic, pingoat, ping your website or blog to let others know that you have updated your content ( do this for every content update). There are 3 basic information needed for pinging: The site title, the URL, and the URL of the RSS feeds. So it should be easy for you to this.

The above-mentioned 5-step link building strategy can help your backlinks get easily indexed to major search engines – making the site you are trying to promote more visible and therefore greater chances for more traffic.

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Why Not Try Guest Blog Posting For Website Promotion?

What is the significance of guest blog posting (posting content to other sites)? Why more and more bloggers and website owners consider this strategy as part of site promotion?

Very simply, because it is effective when it comes to building backlinks and therefore gives an important contribution for search engine optimization.

We understand that the two major contributory factors for effective optimization are content and back links so we have to work effectively in weaving links through content writing.

Guest blog posting vs Blog Commenting

While you can weave backlinks by blog commenting, working for guest posting gives more assurance of having your article and backlinks well-posted. As most bloggers experience, blog commenting does not give that assurance since in some cases, comments are disapproved for some reasons.

One reason why some site administrators disapprove comments is the inclusion of your link. In other words, they do not accept comments with links most especially when your site does not have high enough PR to meet their standard.

So, as an alternative to blog commenting, guest posting provides better strategy for backlink building. All you need to do is to contact the site administrator or the site owner for guest posting. After having a deal, then you can begin writing a post that relates to the topics discussed on his site.

When you are to do a guest blog posting, you need to consider this important idea: you need to write a post as if you are writing for your own blog or site. Make your topic better–make the appropriate optimization. Making your writing better gives way to a win-win situation for both. The more your article optimized, the better chances of becoming a more reader-friendly, and the more it is reader-friendly, the greater the chance of driving a substantial traffic for your own site.

Also, it is important to note to do a guest-post to blogs or sites that greatly relate to your site, in doing so, you are creating a highly-relevant links which is useful not only for your readers but more than that, for your site optimization.

Convinced? Why not try guest blog posting for website promotion now?

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